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What is a Gospel Invasion?

A Gospel invasion refers to an intensive and strategic effort to spread the message of the Gospel and reach as many people as possible with the teachings of Jesus Christ while promoting a Gospel Event or Crusade.

This will be a time of a focused period of evangelistic activities, such as large-scale gatherings, street preaching, door knocking, flyer and tract handouts, outreach events, worship events, evangelism training, and any creative ways to get the word out while allowing the Holy Spirit lead us.


The goal is to bring the transformative power of the Gospel to individuals, communities, and regions, resulting in a significant impact and a wave of spiritual awakening. A Gospel invasion aims to bring about salvation, healing, and positive change in the lives of those who encounter the message of Jesus Christ while advertising the 'God Heal Our Land' Stadium Gathering.

When Does It Start?

This Tuesday! (My 30th, 2023) and ends on Saturday (July 1st, 2023)

How Do I Join?

1. Join Our WhatsApp Group For Updates: HERE

2. Sign Up: HERE

3. Pick A Day Below To Hit The Streets or HERE


1. Download & Print Our Flyers to hand out everywhere you go! HERE

2. Download our Social Media Content to share! HERE

Help us fundraise for our
God Heal Our Land Gospel Invasion

All funds will be used for Marketing Efforts / This Gospel Invasion
(ie: Flyers, Posters, advertisements ect..)
Tax Receipts Will Be Given! 


OUR GOAL: $2500

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