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June Newsletter

❤️ Love on The World Monthly Newsletter

Do Everything In Love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14

June 1 - July 1 2023 From: Daniel & Katie


Such an incredibly Fruitful month! Love on Hamilton Baptism at Overflow Discipleship Bible Studies Pen Centre (Mall Outreach) Door to Door (Outreach) Rick Curry & George from Asbury God Heal our Land Event Fundraising for Trailer


LOVE ON HAMILTON We had so many new people come join us this month during our weekly outreach in Hamilton! As always, we had plenty of testimonies of healings, miracles & salvations! One testimony that stood out for us this month: We got to share the gospel with a man outside of a restaurant and he said to us, “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence I’m talking to you guys and that you came up to me” This man said he has been searching and asking a lot of questions lately. He recently had moved here from India with his wife and child. He kept asking us questions about Jesus and the conversation was so good!! We were able to give him the book of John and he said he would read and ask Jesus to speak to him!


We had a baptism at Overflow! Olivia and her family have been coming out for a couple months now to our Overflow Sunday service and now recently, to our Tuesday's outreach as well. It's been amazing to see Olivia's whole family transformed, literally within months, set free from addiction, depression and anxiety! They are now seeking Jesus like never before and are so hungry for more of God!! So proud of Olivia for becoming a brand new creation in Christ!

DISCIPLESHIP Every Wednesday evening, Katie hosts a bible study on ZOOM for all the newly baptized women. It's a great time of connecting and fellowshipping! Recently, many new women have joined that have been curious about God and now are wanting to get baptized and commit their lives to Jesus!!


PEN CENTRE - MALL OUTREACH We boldly approached many people and shared the gospel with them! Holy Spirit was moving in power!! Here's one testimony that stood out: We felt to go into a Crystals/ Witchcraft store and my friend Alesshia felt pain in her right shoulder all of a sudden. We knew it was Holy Spirit giving us a world of knowledge and so we asked the store owner if he had any pain in his right shoulder — Yes he did!! He let us pray over him and said it felt really good but would test it later when he throws a ball. He was so amazed God had shown us about his shoulder and let us share the gospel with him and his wife, who were owners of the store. Thank you Jesus!


DOOR TO DOOR OUTREACH A couple weeks before our big Stadium event (GHOL) we split up into groups and went door-to-door to share the gospel AND hand out flyers for the event. We encountered a lot of open hearts and got to pray with many people!


RICK CURRY & GEORGE FROM ASBURY REVIVAL The best part of the GHOL event, was not just the day, but all the days leading up to the event! Our team had over 100 volunteers and many were involved in 40 days of fasting & prayer leading up to July 1st. I can't even begin to imagine the difference those prayer warriors made since so many attacks were coming against the event! Praise God, NOTHING could stop what God was about to do!! Rick Curry, a prophetic leader and George, from the Asbury Revival lead two services (Thurs & Friday) before July 1st and WOW, these were such powerful services. We prayed, we worshipped, we felt Holy Spirit moving and prophetic words were being released!


GOD HEAL OUR LAND (GHOL) The morning of July 1st, one hundred volunteers met at 8am to begin praying and getting organized for the BIG day ahead! We had about 40 evangelists join us on the streets from 10am - 12pm to do some door-knocking and inviting the neighborhood to the stadium! To our surprise, we saw a few of these people actually show up at the event later that day!!

There were a few thousand people that showed up on July 1st, to come together and worship our Jesus! It was truly incredible, God's presence and the UNITY in the body of Christ could be tangibly felt. There were around 200 people that day that received prayer (that we know of) and many of the security guards were evangelized to! The security guards were primarily Hindu and many heard about the Gospel for the first time! One young man's back got healed and he accepted a Bible afterwards and knew it was Jesus that healed him! Another man's neck/shoulders got healed. More testimonies will continue to flood in from this beautiful day!

At the end of the video (documenting the whole weekend), you can see another baptism that we did at Overflow July 2nd!


FUNDRAISING FOR TRAILER We've already raised $1,150! We are now looking to purchase an official Love on Hamilton ministry Trailer This will be a HUGE blessing to our ministry and is also a necessity for us to continue serving the homeless every week! Especially as our ministry grows and we hope to kickstart other cities to do the same mission. All donations will receive a tax receipt. Thank you so much in advance for your support!!


We are still looking for more Monthly partners so we can be completely focused on ministry and plan more outreach events! Please consider partnering with us below for as little as $1/month. If you are already a monthly partner - Thank you SO much! We are so grateful for you and we keep you in our prayers daily.

Daniel & Katie Tax Receipts Are Given! - Thank You For Your Support!


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You Are Loved.

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