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Revelation 12:11 - And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

SO many testimonies shared after every Tuesday night in Hamilton, It's so encouraging to hear what each group experienced each night. (Definitely will work on documenting them better going forward!)

To see some of the Testimonies shared, be sure to check out IG Page:

Here's one from last night:

Met a guy named Shane tonight and my heart was really touched

I know we meet A LOT of people downtown, but there are certain people that stick with you.

As we were about to walk a completely different route, we prayed quickly and asked God where we should go. We felt him highlight an area, which was a complete 180 from where we were going to go.

On that route, we ended up meeting Shane… Homeless … Hungry … and completely OPEN to God and hearing the gospel.

As we were praying for him, he felt so touched by God and could feel “Heat and vibration” going through his body! we told him that’s the Holy Spirit touching him!!

He ended up staying with us the whole night as we walked around and prayed for others. I felt God kept giving me words to share with Shane and every time I did, he would start tearing up.

He left us at the end of the night, to sleep behind a dumpster because he’s had issues with other people at shelters trying to hurt him. But he was happy because he had a mattress and pillow he found to sleep on

Imagine being grateful even while sleeping on the streets and no where to go to the washroom?

I’m blown away by what our homeless friends go through but I KNOW God is moving in Shane’s life and I can’t wait to see him hopefully on Sunday! please keep Shane in your prayers!


Also excited to have Marcel Knot back from his trip to Colombia!!

It was so encouraging to hear all that God did through him and his team down there!

Here's a quick recap video he made:

SO Awesome!

Report from that trip from Paul Rapely:

In Barranquilla, Colombia, with team. They did 24 services yesterday. I am still in awe at what God did. The most powerful day in terms of healings for any team I have ever had before. Healings 2382 Salvations 178 The healings included 2 people walking without their canes. 26 metal healings. 2 blind eyes. 9 tumors or cancers healed. 10 deaf ears opened. 2 people healed of Parkinson's. One guy on crutches radically improved. One guy with his arm in a sling healed. Remarks: Of the metal healings, the gentleman who had 24 screws disappear from his wrist and the metal plate under the skin of his face who kept grabbing those parts of his body and showing what God did to the people around him was truly special. One metal healing was a woman watching the live stream of one of the services from Miami who felt it disappear from her knee. I particularly enjoyed seeing Maria again at the local Four Square mega-church. She was the one who was born without a nerve and lived in extreme pain every day of her life until she received prayer a week ago and has since lived pain & pain-killer free. She had invited her neighborhood to come see me preach and 35 of them had come. The power of God opens people's hearts up! It seems people have been asking for links to services as of late. I will leave you in the comments with a link for the third service at the mega-church where I preached. Of course, the vast majority of the healings did not happen here in this one service, but there was still a few metal healings and a deaf ear that opened that you will hear testified to . By the way, feel free to come join me on a team in November if you are interested. Shoot me a private message for more info. Jesus is King!!


ALSO some exciting news... Our friend Solomon Ikhuiwu is running for Mayor of Hamilton!

I believe God will use him in incredible ways to impact so many lives through this process.

Please keep him in your prayers!

Here's a great recent interview with him on History Makers TV (Host: Derek Schneider):

Glory to God!


Also if you haven't check out our Love on The World App & Map yet, definitely check it out and get involved with it!

Browser App:

Thanks so much for the support!!


ALSO: We've still being doing our Overflow services Every Sunday at 6pm at: Hamilton Christian Fellowship

It's been Absolutely AMAZING!! Come on out and join us if you are free!


Hope you guys are encouraged by what God has been doing recently! - If you need prayer for anything at all feel free to reach out to us anytime and we'd love to help you!

God loves you SO much! and I do believe he has an incredible plan for your life!

Bless you guys!

- Daniel Ziedins

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