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Hey Friends! Got something really pressing on my heart as I’m chilling at a cafe right now… The past couple years I’ve had the amazing privilege to really get to see God move in ways I’ve never seen before ie: More Salvations, Creative Miracles, Deliverance’s, Complete Life Transformations, Many Prophecies Coming to Pass, Angelic Visitations ect.. but something also unique that I haven’t truly ‘felt’ before in this season is: Urgency!!

I know no one knows the exact time or hour of the Lords return, but I’ve never had this sense that it’s REALLY soon! And for Believers in Christ that is an Exciting thing! It also changes the way you live each day..

Before this season I used to think a lot about the far future and how my life will be 5-10 years from now and possibly miss on what God wants me to do right now in this very moment.

Now I’m really, truly trying to live out each day in complete obedience to Christ no matter the cost!!

I share this to encourage other believers to really be aware of the seasons and press in to God and make sure we are using our time wisely to wittiness to the lost with a sense of Urgency and not put it off till “next year”.

Also for those who don’t ‘believe’ I just encourage not to wait too long before you start to search and ask what Life is truly about.. we truly never know when our last hour is on this world. Just simply Call out to Jesus today and I believe he will answer in some way! Today is the day of Salvation!

Also feel free to reach out to me anytime! 🙏

I only say this cuz I truly care and I really want everyone to experience the Love and Grace of God and I don’t wanna just let things ‘play out’.. there’s no time for that anymore!

- Daniel

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